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Road cycling. What's not to love? 

The allure of the open road, human working in harmony with a simple machine, taking in the dramatic sights of the world.  It's a romantic picture that's hard to resist...

Then BANG! Out of nowhere your glycogen stores drop off the cliff and you BONK!...


Le Bonkeur is a pragmatic, lighthearted response to a world of lofty ambition within cycling and the image sold by "premium" cycling apparel brands.

We're realists with a sense of humour.

We ride the same roads, a lot. We battle with traffic, lack of sleep, balancing life and making time to go cycling.

We sweat & leave wet patches in cafes.

We bonk.

Quite often, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Stop taking yourself too seriously and enjoy the ride.

Le Bonkeur brings a fresh lifestyle flavour to road cycling with some crypto metaverse magic thrown in for good measure.

Bonk on!  

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