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We are as mad about crypto stuff as we are bikes and riding here at Le Bonkeur. So we decided to marry the two and do something really special - even more special than Rapha's shade of turquoise last season! 🤯

From here (and the menu) you can bounce around and explore all we're doing in the metaverse.

We're experimenting with two blockchains at the moment, Ethereum and Polygon. 
Our NFTs are currently minted on two marketplaces, OpenSea and Rarible.

Some come with unlockable codes to redeem physical items. All are awesome!


The only way to purchase Le Bonkeur jerseys is via NFT.
#1 "Golden Bonk" is release number one.
Only 23 are available so be fast... don't get dropped!
Jump here to learn more and snap up the most exciting thing in cycling, maybe.

CryptoBonks Banner Perspective-Current View.png

CryptoBonks are the virtual cycling bonk! Based on the iconic Le Bonkeur "Bonk" emoji as a visual representation of bonking (hypoglycaemia) CryptoBonks translate that dreaded feeling into a digital form within the metaverse to treasure forever!

Progressively released in new colour-ways and limited specials. With occasional random NFT airdrops for the lucky & loyal (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥

Embrace the bonk and collect your favourite. Perfect for your Strava or Zwift profile pic :(

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